MAYOR OF SURVEY 2018 - 2020

We are pleased to announce that the historic community of Survey has a new Mayor, Alan Glazier!

The Society is indebted to the two candidates Alan Glazier and Bob Hilliard and their support teams.

Just like in the real world of politics, money counts. And when the votes (ie money) were counted on July 1st, 2018, not only was Alan the winner, but so was the BSHS as both candidates brought in substantial donations!

Alan Glazier is one of the earliest members of the BSHS and serves on the City of Bonita Springs Historic Preservation Board. Bob Hilliard is a retired Air Force Officer and a board member of the BSHS.

The Society owes special thanks to the wonderful support of our town's two Lions Clubs; the
Bonita Springs Lions Club and the Bonita Springs West Community Lions Club. Both are great examples of organizations supporting the local community!

Thanks also go to the Mayor of Survey BSHS Committee who helped with the Ice Cream Social on June 23 and the fundraiser. The voters in packed room at the Liles Hotel enjoyed the humor and sincerity of the stump speeches. The attendees also enjoyed the delicious ice cream provided by the
Tipsy Cow, which is located next to the Prado Stadium theater.

MOS 2018

Previous Mayor’s include:

Jack Flaherty,Terry Lawhon, Bill Simons, Ken Shivel, Ronda Lawhon, Jane Hogg, Rick Steinmeyer,
Bill Cooper, Charlie Lewis, Bear Tsani Yonah , Ralph Richardson, Chuck Temple


MAYOR OF SURVEY 2016 - 2018

Bonita Springs Historical Society Announces

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 4.06.45 PM

The 2016 - 2018 Mayor of Survey, Honest John Flaherty

Photo: New Mayor Jack Flaherty surrounded by former mayors Ken Shivel (left) and Terry Lawhon

The supervisor of elections for the Bonita Springs Historical Society has counted the votes and declared Jack Flaherty, proudly known as Honest John, the winner of this honorary biennial election.

Honest John made enough outrageous campaign promises to seal the deal. Part of his platform included well thought out economic plans including a moving sidewalk through historic downtown thus keeping visitors energized and spending money.

When the new Mayor is not out and about promising the impossible, he works as a dedicated volunteer for the WGCU Radio Reading Service which brings printed materials to persons who are blind, physically impaired and print handicapped via a special radio broadcast.

When you see Mayor Flaherty at various Historical Society events, please be sure to introduce yourself. He may be handing out free peaches, fulfilling another of his campaign promises.

The election of the Mayor of Survey is a fundraising tradition dating back several decades with all proceeds to benefit the Bonita Springs Historical Society.
The Historical Society is grateful to all who supported this endeavor including Candidate Aaron Thomas of CGK Kayaks and the Bonita Springs Lions Club.


MAYOR OF SURVEY 2012 - 2014

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MAYOR OF SURVEY 2010 - 2012

We won 2nd Place in Vehicle Division in the 4th of July parade here in Bonita!   Ronda, Veronica and Suzy rode in Ronda’s ‘cool Jeep’, representing Fire Department, Code Enforcement and “The Law” – in the early days!!!!!.  Two young boys walked ahead, carrying our BSHS banner (12 feet wide), wearing old-time clothing.  The ladies were dressed in late 1800 style, and we were ‘chauffered’ by a gentleman named Grant who did an admirable job of distributing candy as well as drive our vehicle.  Theme was ‘Honoring Our Community Service….(like Firemen, Police, etc.) so we had a sign which said “IN THE OLD DAYS - WOMEN DID IT ALL!”   And we did show just that!


The crowds liked our display, and we honored them by throwing buckets of water (Ronda the Fire Department), cracking the whip or threatening with a rolling pin (Veronica of Code Enforcement) or Suzy riding shotgun with an old double barreled shotgun which she fired into the air (blanks) – representing “The Law”.  Great fun!!!!
Charlie has the link to Naples Daily News of July 5
th – with 2 great photos among their 47…….Veronica in her ‘cap’ with Ronda behind, and Suzy with her big gold star/badge and shotgun……….   He will send to all members, but meanwhile, go to naplesdailynews and look for us!!!!!
Our own Bonita Channel 98 filmed it all, and will have the parade and fun details on local TV soon.  Wherever you are – you can see all this on the internet, going to City of Bonita Springs website.

Bonita Springs Historical Society Treasurer Veronica Duff, from left, Ken Shivel and Rick Steinmeyer examine a newspaper covered hat made by Steinmeyer after Bonita Springs' 52nd annual Fourth of July Parade. The hat illustrated the history of the mayor of Survey which was won by Shivel this year. The mayor of Survey is a fundraiser held by the Bonita Springs Historical Society in which each dime raised by the candidates equals one vote. The election is held every two years. Jason Easterly/Special to the Daily News.

    Congratulations to all the candidates who helped raise funds for the Society! They all did a great job.

    The people (well actually, the money) has spoken and
Ken Shivel is our new Mayor of Survey. Thanks also goes to our former Mayor Jean Hogue and committee chair Jill Keene-Lucas!   
Picture 4

    The Mayor of Survey had to be re-elected this summer. The task of finding candidates and arranging the event fell to me (Jill Keene-Lucas). 

The first candidate to offer his services was Ken Shivel.  He filled out the necessary application  and threw his hat in the ring.  Then Rick Steinmeyer  signed on…I was not convinced  that we wanted an all male event, so I went to  work. I went door to door and asked all the  merchants if they would like to run.  Finally out of many promises I got two lively candidates;  Bobbi Bird and Brittany Petit. Now we had an even field and I was happy.  Campaigning started with vigor. The Sheriffs were backing Bobbi Bird, the Lions were backing Ken Shivel.  Survey Café and all her relatives were backing Brittany Petit. Rick Steinmyer, a previous winner, knew the ropes and had ½ of Bonita backing him.

Everyone was excited. On June 19th we had our picnic in the garden at headquarters. I’m no dummy, so I put together the A team to help with the food and festivities.  Joan Martin , Don Trew, Dee and Len Matz,  Donna Nemsick, Norma Reardon and Gloria Broderick.
Junior Mayor Josh

Joan Martin knows everybody in Bonita Springs !!  She was in charge of the refreshments. We had subs, wings,chips, ice  cream, lemonade and tea. All donated by
Stan’s Subs, Jersey Mikes, Buffalo Chips and 4 Heaven Shakes.

On the day of the picnic we blew up 48 red white and blue balloons, Don Trew can knot a balloon in seconds. Donna has a wonderful balloon pump if you ever need one. The garden was decorated, tents were set up, and the candidates arrived with their individual offerings and tables.  Everything looked very patriotic. There was such anticipation:  Would it rain, would we get salmonella poisoning, would the tents blow down?  None of that happened!!!

The candidates arrived at 4 pm and we listened to their promises from their soapbox perch. Each candidate served a” vote for me” incentive, cupcakes, tiny fruit pies, cookies. There was plenty of glad-handing, smiling and trying to be wonderful. Linda Liles sang, Byron predicted that there would be no rain. 90 people attended the picnic, the reporter from the Daily News said it was a great old fashion outing. The food was outstanding, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Then the candidates went back to campaigning. On July 2nd we went to the Fire station and counted the votes. Ken Shivel was the winner by a landslide, second, Bobbie Bird, Rick and Brittany were almost tied.
Ronda's sister & manager

Next day Veronica Duff volunteered her red Mustang for the victory ride in the 4th of July parade.  We decorated her car with every flag and garland we could find, Ken and Bobbi sat on the back, Veronica drove and they looked outstanding. Veronica was great about letting us stick tape all over her car.

Everyone that was involved agreed that we worked hard and had a great time. I would like to say again that the team that helped me could not have worked harder or been any more generous with their time and talents.  It is this attitude that makes you glad to be a part of The Bonita Springs Historical Society. We made $5,000.00.  Next time we will serve beer and wine and really get out the vote.